Lekker werken! - Interactive installation

In 2022, thousands of children worked at the Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen.

The children rolled up their sleeves washing clothes, chasing ships, churning butter and peeling shrimp. Exactly as children used to do. The energy generated by the children flows through tubes to the main machine. The main machine keeps track of how many hours of children's work have been done.

While working, you are encouraged to work harder. After all, that laundry has to get clean and those ships don't pull themselves!

After working, the children receive a work certificate that shows how many children's work hours they delivered. It also shows how much used to be worked by other children, who at the same time still had to go to school or help out in the household.

At the end of the season, the museum turned the total number of hours worked into a donation to the Kartini Foundation, which works to enable children from the city of Malang in Java, Indonesia, to attend school.